YOUcare Manufacturing- Based Health Clinics

Increasing access to care for thousands of employees
Open during Company Hours & Shifts
Membership Based HealthCare
Managed Care without Billing the MCO

Open during Company Hours & Shifts

Membership Based HealthCare

Managed Care without Billing the MCO

We, at QUICKmed, strongly believe that companies benefit when employees have immediate access to a medical home that provides high-quality, continuous, and comprehensive health care services.

We understand, that companies and employee schedules vary according to shift times and the needs of production! Employees schedules are very important but also tight between the balance of work and home life. That’s why QUICKmed is partnering with companies, which include manufacturing/industry, nursing homes, and government agencies and placing clinics within mid-to-large size organizations in order to provide access to quality, comprehensive, and immediate healthcare to companies and their employees.

Companies and Employees deserve access to fast, friendly, and affordable health care that keeps care in house while providing peace of mind to both company and employee.

Our YOUCARE-Manufacturing Clinics are full-service clinics within the walls of mid to large size companies that focus on disease prevention, health promotion, and also equipped and ready to handle most occupational health work related injuries.

Our YOUCARE clinics offer companies all-inclusive pricing for everything we can handle in the clinic setting, without billing the MCO and with the goal of keeping employees healthy and working. Membership based “Quickmed” healthcare that pairs exclusive, personalized care with accessibility and convenience is what YOUCARE clinics are designed to do for both companies and employees!

You can count on us to keep your employees healthy and safe!

Our goals:

  • Improve access to quality and comprehensive healthcare for both companies and employees within a clinical setting.
  • Provide companies and employees QUICKmed access to all aspects of Occupational Health onsite & in house.
  • Offer all-inclusive pricing aligning with company budgets without billing the MCO or insurance.
  • Reduce costs of unnecessary emergency or hospital stays for employees.
  • Save employees and companies time & money by reducing missed work hours – employees don’t have to wait or go off sight for quality and comprehensive healthcare!
  • Lower Insurance Premiums and Manage Health Care Costs with Healthcare Partners Companies and Employees can trust!
Health Education
Disease Prevention
Health Screening