Occupational Health Services At Our Locations Throughout Ohio

We offer a full list of exams and testing to prevent workplace accidents, surveillance exams to monitor health hazards, and regulatory exams to keep your workers in compliance with government agencies, as well as workers’ compensation screenings, evaluations, and treatment in-house at our QUICKmed locations.

Quickmed Occupational Health Services


  • Dot Physical
  • Dot Follow-Up (to physical)
  • Pre-Employment Physical
  • Pre-Employment Physical with Musculoskeletal Exam *
  • Return to Work Physical
  • T8 Bus Driver Physical

Service Testing

  • BCI Fingerprinting
  • BCI/FBI Fingerprinting
  • Education History Verification
  • Empolyment History Verification
  • Professional License Verification
  • Statewide Central Criminal Search Per State
  • OSHA STS Report * & based on number of employees

Occupational Testing

  • Essential Function Test (varies depending on companies needs)
  • Pulimonary Function Test with OSHA Questinonare
  • Qualitative Respiratory Fit Test
  • OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation
  • Audiogram
  • Hearing Screens- Short/OSHA
  • Vision Testing Snellen Acurity
  • Vison Testing Color Blindness

Drug/Alcohol/Nicotine Testing

  • 12 Panel Instant Drug Test
  • 12 Panel Send Out Drug Test
  • 5 Panel Instant Drug Test
  • 5 Panel Send Out Drug Test
  • Random Drug Test Selection
  • Breathe Alcohol Test/Including Confirmation
  • Nicotine Testing
  • Hair Follicle Testing *
  • On-Site Fee for Collector for Testing (Drugs 0r Alcohol)
  • Hourly Fee for after 30 minute wait *
  • Drug Screen Collection (Third Party) *
  • Refusal/No Show Fee
  • Unscheduled After Hour Tests *

Screening/Lab Testing

  • Urine Analysis
  • TB Testing
  • Instant Rapid POC Covid Test
  • PCR Lab Send Out Covid Test *
  • Antibody Covid Testing
  • Comprehensive Wellness Panel
  • Biometric Screening (weight, blood pressure, & body mass index) *
  • Lipid Profile *
  • Blood Draw
  • EKG
  • Digital X-Ray

Clinic Visits

  • Illness Visit
  • Wellness Visit
  • Injury Visit
  • Telehealth Visit


  • Hepatitis Vaccines
  • Covid Vaccines
  • Flu Vaccine
  • Tetanus/Diphtheris/Pertussis Vaccines
  • Pneumonia Vaccine

MCO Management

How We Connect Communities & Health Care

QUICKmed Urgent Care

A-la-Cart of Occupational Medical Services

If your business or organization is on a budget, we can also offer affordable pricing by offering A-la-Cart services which will meet your employer’s needs and budget. We beat any competitors’ pricing!

YOUcare School-Based Clinics

Our YOUcare clinics are full-service walk-in clinics with a focus on disease prevention and health promotion. We offer these clinics in schools, nursing homes, manufacturing/industry, and government agencies. In addition to an on-site clinic with services, employees, students, and patients also gain access to any of our Urgent Care QUICKmed site locations at no added cost!





LENA© of Health & Wellness

We, at QUICKmed are happy to offer our trademarked LENA© program to the employees of businesses and organizations throughout our communities. Our LENA© program prides itself on being an innovative program providing a full range of wellness, educational and occupational health components.

Concierge Occupational Medical Services

Membership-based Healthcare that pairs exclusive, personalized care with accessibility and convenience is what QUICKmed Occupational Health is designed to do! Participation in this program also includes our LENA© of Health & Wellness Program.

Training & Consulting

We also offer companies training & consulting services when it comes to Occupational Health. We can help with policy development relating to health and wellness which helps lower insurance costs and premiums. We can offer training such as but not limited: corporate & safety, DOT Supervisor Training, CPR, First Aid & AED, and drug-free workplace training.

Medical Surveillance

Have confidence that your workers are meeting OSHA guidelines and all the required Occupational health and safety standards at all times. Medical surveillance program management is a core competency QUICKmed Occupational Health, and we support comprehensive medical surveillance programs for many of our clients.

Musculoskeletal Coaching

With a focus on prevention, musculoskeletal occupational health coaching helps reduce and improve work related discomfort through ergonomic solutions, early intervention programs, job function testing, new hire education and more.

MCO Management

* Included with Concierge Occupational Medical Services

Our Occupational Health experts are familiar with OSHA standards and guidelines. We understand what is and what is not considered “recordable”, OSHA compliances, and also offer companies all-inclusive occupational healthcare management without billing the MCO keeping premiums lower and saving companies thousands on an annual basis!

Interested in bringing occupational health directly into your workplace?

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